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Author: autokinetic
There are three Bells in Milliways.

They want a fourth. A fifth. A sixth. A seventh.

And then Downside is going down.
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Author: dark_light
Amariah teleports herself and her teammate.

They find a Bell, first. (And drop a conjured device that connects wirelessly to a half-ansible in Shell Bell's apartment.)

They wish her out.

She folds into the link and bemusedly summarizes herself. She appears to be much like Stella or Golden, except that where Stella survived being hit by Tyler's van and Golden evaded it altogether, she was killed on impact. If there was magic in her world, she doesn't know about it.

It is not long before she names herself "Template". She is summarily minted and stacked up with standard powers, as that's only one evil, but they don't spare her other coins as they move on.

Here is a Sherlock of some sort.
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Author: bitofafiction

He is confused and wary!
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Author: autokinetic
"Hi. Our template is friends with your template. If you let Sue link you up that'll let us explain everything way faster," says Aegis.
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Author: bitofafiction
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Author: pythbox
Sue links him up.
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Author: bitofafiction

Well. Okay then.
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Author: dark_light
"Do you want a ride out of here or do you want to come along while we check for more of you and people Golden knows and stuff?"
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Author: bitofafiction
"Out, please."
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Author: autokinetic
Template takes him to the door, then rejoins the team that she's been attached to by default.
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Author: she_sells_seashells
"Hi, other Sherlock," says Shell Bell from where she's leaning on her own version.
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Author: bitofafiction
"Goodness," says Sherlock.
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Author: autokinetic
All right, who's next?

A lot of Golden's friends and family are next. They send them all to Milliways, Template playing ferry, to wait for Golden to get out and fold them back in where they belong. This takes a while.
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Author: ending_of
Some time later, their efforts are interrupted.