A Twilight Fanfiction Story by Alicorn

Luminosity's first book is finished, as is the sequel, Radiance. A series of short stories, Flashes, has also been written. You can see a list of all chapters for both books and the stories here, or read the entire first book on one page here, the second book here, and the stories here. Information about the story and author are here. Links to other projects by Alicorn, including nonfiction about the theme of Luminosity, and to non-Alicorn projects that are worth linking to, are here. This site will continue to update with fanfiction of Luminosity that is sent in to be hosted here (and you can write some too, if you want!). You can keep updated via RSS.

Luminosity is created with no commercial intent or gain. Stephenie Meyer owns all things that she owns, completely, wholly, and tautologically. I intend to write fanfiction, not to be a bad evil stealing-type person who is bad and evil and stealing and a person.