About Luminosity

Luminosity is a work of fanfiction. It is set in the universe of Stephenie Meyer's novel Twilight (and its sequels and companion works). The first several sections of Luminosity are very similar to canon in terms of the events that occur, although aspects of Bella's character, and her internal monologue, differ strikingly.

A few thousand words in, the plot is unrecognizeable.

The history and character of the Twilight world are intact in Luminosity up to the point where the story begins, with one exception: Bella's a rational self-awareness-junkie with a penchant for writing down everything that crosses her mind in a notebook. She maintains many of the traits and dispositions of canon - and Luminosity is a Bella/Edward story - but she's a distinctly different character.

Luminosity was inspired in part by Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, in which Harry is a scientifically minded and sharp-witted boy who was brought up by Petunia and her alternate-universe professor husband. Luminosity also draws on much of the material in this sequence of blog posts, also written by Alicorn. You can discuss Luminosity with other fans on my forum or on Less Wrong; I'm an active poster on the forum and will promptly answer most questions posed.

Luminosity originally updated on a daily basis, but after update 18, it was scaled back to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule, which persisted throughout sequel Radiance. The fic is mirrored on AO3 and also mirrored at FanFiction.net; however, limitations of the FF.net software mean that chapters there will not be of the same accuracy as those on this site or AO3. (For instance, FF.net is not capable of putting strikethrough text into a story, and that forced an awkward rewrite of a paragraph in an early section.)

Also, due to the cumbersome nature of the FF.net interface, I have left unmade several adjustments and corrections to the story that are present here. FF.net displays the original 57 (short) chapters rather than the rearranged 29 (longer) chapters. A number of typos remain uncorrected. Announcements and the like remain in place where they were initially put. I strongly recommend reading Luminosity here or on AO3 and not there.

You can toggle the color scheme of the website by clicking the corner of the "Color" button that you prefer. (It's an imagemap and you must click the correct part.) This will store a cookie that remembers your preference for later.

A series of short stories in the same universe as Luminosity and Radiance, called Flashes, follows the two novels. There is also a character page available which may contain spoilers up to the very end of Radiance. Effulgence is a sequel-of-sorts to the Luminosity series.

A Portuguese translation of Luminosity, by fan "Moggo", is underway! I'm also collecting fanfiction of Luminosity; e-mail me with yours (ideally in HTML format) to get a spot on the page.

About Alicorn

I'm Alicorn. Hi. I was born in 1988, and since that time, I have developed from a inconsequential, illiterate blob of infancy into someone fully capable of writing thousands of words of Twilight fanfiction. If you think that's impressive, check out the links and my author hub, which showcase what else I have learned to do since mastering time, space, and the written word.

I have one of the world's weirdest degrees: a bachelor's in worldbuilding. It's going completely to waste in Luminosity because the world came ready-made, but it's being put to use in other capacities. I have also studied philosophy, which is relatively more useful for Luminosity but doesn't show through as much elsewhere.

I enjoy writing (fancy that), drawing, cooking, reading, and maintaining a large network of friends and emergency backup friends (in case I ever need hugs, couch space, or someplace to stash incriminating evidence).

My contact info: E-mail me at alicorn@elcenia.com. Use the same address to IM me with MSN; for AIM I'm Alicorn24 and for Google Talk I'm elcenia@gmail.com. Please explain whence you came if you contact me, so I am not confused.

I'm a girl.